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Integrity College can facilitate and conduct a wide range of training, seminars and workshops that suit different purposes. It could be for employees who need a particular set of skills or training, or it could be for organisations both private and government that require assistance in certain areas of expertise, and need the advice or training from industry gurus or academic experts.


Integrity College can facilitate the best training in the market conducted by the best experts in the industries worldwide. Non-accredited courses and training can be provided inside and outside Australia depending on the number of participants and the availability of experts, and dates and locations of training.

List of training, workshops and seminars


Non-Accredited Training courses are courses that focus on equipping the student with specific knowledge and skillsets. You can study a non-accredited course to help you in your career, for professional development or for personal reasons such as personal interest in a specific subject. Integrity College has a wide range of non-accredited courses to suit your personal needs. 


The most popular non-accredited courses we offer are Child Protection, Food Handling and Sun Smart. Other non-accredited courses we can offer include:


1-Creativity and Innovation in Decision Making

2-Creativity in Leadership

3-Creative Recruitment Strategies and Methods

4-Professional Secretarial & Administration Skills - Spearhead Training

5-Budgeting Skills - National Seminars Training

6-Strategic Financial Management and Planning - SALGFMG

7-Strategic Decision Making for Leaders

8-Strategic Planning And Six Sigma

9-Strategic Management for Competitive Advantage

10-Management Reporting Skills and Preparations

11-Strategic Financial Management

12-Firefighting and Rescue

13-Strategic Financial Analysis for Business Evaluation - Executive 

14-Debt Management Strategies

15-NEPOSH Standards

16-Risk Assessment Lifting

17-Cisco Certified Network Associate

18-Microcomputer Aided Graphics - AutoCAD

19-Certified Cost Engineer - CCE

20-Certified Cost Professional - CCP

21-Special Scaffolding

22-Negotiation and Problem Solving Skills

23-Business Etiquette

24-Project Management Skills and Strategies

25-Strategic Negotiation Skills and Contract

26-Contract Negotiation Training | Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution

27-Electronic Archiving

28-Warehousing Management

29-Inventory Management Strategies and Monitoring

30-Business Writing

31-Leadership and Strategic Planning

32-TQM Total Quality Management

33-Evaluation and Price Analysis in Contracts

34-Secretary Skills

35-Merchandising Strategies and Practices

36-Car Chipping

37-Effective People Management Strategies

38-Business Planning

39-Accountant Skills Workshops

40-Strategic Sales and Marketing Initiatives

41-Enhancing Customer Service Experience


43-Constructive Management Initiatives

44-Budget Analysis and Financial Reporting

45-How to Become a Strategic Thinker (leader)

46-New Industrial Management Practices

47-Advanced Management Practices for Executives


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At Integrity College, we thrive for success ,our workshops training and conferences designed and scheduled to help businesses to succeed in our contemporary business environment. Our experts are well equipped to tackle all businesses' cases and ready to hold workshops and conferences abroad as well as in Australia.
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